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Yes! this word is the best describing me during construction of this websites. I was stunned looking at various pictures that taken by various photographers either he/she is a pro or amateur. There were no right or wrong when snapping a photos. The only aims is to get best shot that can directly register the image into the user brain.

its was started during my secondary schooling days. I was given a normal film P&S camera (don't remember the brand) from my father that happen bought that camera from his workplace. The 1st lesson is how to put the film without damaging at 30% from the entire rolls. That was tough at that time. Still remember the casing of the camera was fall of into the river during our family picnic.

During my form 4 and form 5 I was elected as official photographer of my school for my school magazine. That was my 1st time holding a SLR brand Yashica at that time. Its was a tremendous feeling holding such a sophisticated camera...hehehe... but no one teach me any technique such as aperture, shutter etc. so it end up for me learned how to zooming and manual focusing only.

Time goes by. During my college days, I was picked up my 1st P&S digital camera. brand canon. That time the canon digital P&S was the first selling at RM399 in the market which is the cheapest. Then, I change to Olympus digital P&S and then change to Sony digital P&S (still have it until now) and then change to Nikon digital P&S (also still have it).

Lastly, I'm realizing that photography world is inside my soul which later I'm deciding to get my 1st DSLR canon 450D with kit lens. And now I'm using Canon 7d as my latest gears for my shooting activities.

I hope you enjoy all of the pictures in this website. If any one of you interested to buy any of those pictures, I welcoming for a negotiations. Please don't judges me wrong, I'm not professional but just a photographer as serious hobby.

Have fun...sayonara...

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